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Composite elements

At the end of 2011 we started with the development of a composite slat and in 2013 this development took a flight.009 boerderij image 1442079 In 2017, several
companies with piglets have installed our composite slats whith integrated heating. The slats will be heated the first week, so the room
temperature can go down a few degrees. The slats have a "pedicure profile" that causes the claws to wear and prevent the piglets from
slipping. But the profile is of such a structure that the piglets don't feel any discomfort from it. Click here for an article that appeared in
January 2014 about the findings from the first farmer that installed these composite slats with heating (in Dutch).  

In the last few years we've also installed composite slats at several companies whith fatteners. The pigs have a very good grip and the IMG 3378 Mediumslats stay clean. At VIC Sterksel they investigated several facets of the composite slats, like what is the best beam width of the slats and what is the relationship between this width and the manure and lying behavior of the pigs. They tested slats with beams of 41mm and of 80mm in width. Click here for the report about this investigation (in Dutch).  

Composite slats are also very suitable to place under feeding troughs, because of the high chemical and mechanical resistance.
IMG 1382
Click here for the article that appeared in a dutch magazine in April 2014 about composite slats (in Dutch).

At the moment we're developing composite slats/elements for farrowing sows in different kinds of housing systems. 

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