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Composite slats & elements

Please also take a look, under innovations, at the page about composite for research reports and articles. 

Our composite slats and elements have different benefits compared to, in particular, concrete products:
>        Anti-fouling
>       Strongly chemical resistant
>        Fire class B
>        Water tight
>        Low emission
>        Good grip and walkability because of the applied profile
All our composite products have a even anti-slip surface that ensures an as high as possible claw comfort and enough claw wear and tear.
The products can be made with or without integrated floor heating. 
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> Insert for the Total Floor
> "Toilet slat"
> Slat under the feeding trough
2014 04 02 14.43.04  IMG 3378 Medium  IMG 1382

> Slat with heating
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Farrowing sows
> Slat without heating
> Closed plate with or without heating and with or without isolation