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With the Jovas-Slat-Covers we provide a simple solution to narrow or close up slots in floors. There are two different kinds available, which can be delivered in several options.

The covers of system 1 have to be hit in the slots with a hammer, which makes them easy and fast to install. The covers can be delivered or sawed in any desired length. There are covers for a slot width of 15-17mm, 18-22mm and 25-30mm.
DSCN0597 Medium  DSCN0602 Medium

The covers of system 2 need to be secured with supplied little blocks and screws. The covers are delivered in lengths of 400mm, which can only be shortened to a length of 200mm. They are available for slot widths of 20-26mm and can be delivered as closed model, a model with slits of 14mm or with 18mm. The covers need to be screwed tight several times (how many times depends on the situation). After several weeks the covers need to be screwed tight again, to prevent the pigs from lifting them up out of the slats. 
DSCN0600 Medium

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