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With this website we want to inform you about our products and services. When you have questions or when you want more information about a certain product or service, please contact us by calling +31(0)314667773 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jovas Agro International B.V. is an innovative and dynamic company, that has developed a lot of innovations, such as:
> Nose air inlet
> Slurry trays for fatteners
> Slurry trays with integrated air inlet
> Slurry trays with increased front and back for movable floors
> Composite slats and flooring
> Vacuum+ system
> Slurry separators with or without flocculentGootmodel met tussenwand 1
Several different kinds of gully’s and drains
Also take a look at the page with innovations for our newest products and running researches.

New in our program: Jovas-Slat-Covers for a slot width of 25-30mm!!!

Our spearheads are expertise, experience, very sharp prices, quality, fast deliveries, flexibility and the fact that we customize as much as possible. We have years of experience in slurry discharge and slurry collection systems, so we can advise you as best as possible about the system that fits best in your situation.We are also constantly looking for solutions which can reduce the emission of ammonia, among other things, and which can improve the well-being of animal and farmer.
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If you want more information, advise or if you want us to make an offer for a certain product or system, please take a look at the rest of our website or contact us.
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