Slurry trays for farrowing sows and piglets

The slurry trays for farrowing sows can be delivered in different lengths and widths. The standard measurements are respectively 2410, 2510, 2610, 2710mm and 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000mm. The width is variable with + and – 30mm. Other measurements can be made on request.

For the sows are different kinds of versions available:
>        1 outlet (just slurry channel) or 2 outlets (slurry and water channel)
>       Normal floor or movable floor
>        With or without integrated air inlet (nose inlet, corner inlet)


The choice for slurry trays with only a slurry channel or trays with both a slurry channel and a water channel depends on how the trays will be used. When a slurry tray with slurry and water channel is used, the slurry needs to be sucked out of the trays at least once a week for a good discharge of the slurry. Besides that, extra water needs to be added to the trays to prevent a fly problem. A tray with just a slurry channel doesn’t have to be sucked empty that often. The level of slurry can rise to below the trough and that way a fly problem can be prevented.

When a slurry discharge system under the slurry trays is not necessary and the slurry can directly be let in the slurry pit below, a plug Ø110mm can be used. The plug is placed in the inlet opening and can be lifted out with a managing hook.