Wall valves & sliding valves

Wall valves

We have two different kinds of stainless steel wall valves in our program, namely one in stainless steel 304 for an opening of maximum Ø400mm and one in stainless steel 316 for an opening of maximum Ø500mm. Both valves can be delivered with stainless steel extension rod and/or managing hook. Both the extension rod and managing hook will be customized.

Warning: these valves will silt up after a few days with slurry, but they are not suitable for a watertight seal!!!

Sliding valves

We can deliver different kinds of sliding valves and each valve can be delivered with stainless steel extension rod and/or managing hook when needed. When a valve needs to be attached to a wall, we can also deliver a fastening frame special made for that valve. The Valterra sliding valve Ø110mm is mainly used in slurry discharge systems attached to slurry trays for farrowing sows or in flushing systems. The PE sliding valves can be delivered in the diameters Ø250mm up to and including Ø500mm. They are mostly used as a connection between two slurry pits/cellars. They can’t be used when there is groundwater pressure from outside or when there are great ground pressures on the valve, beceause PE gets distorted after a while. Besides that, these valves can dent by continues pressure and that causes them to be operated with more and more difficulty. To replace the PE valves in the diameters Ø160mm and Ø200mm, we use a pressure valve in Ø160mm and a PVC valve in Ø200mm. The PVC valves can also be delivered in Ø250mm and Ø315mm. These are better resitant to great pressure from ground and water than the PE valves and are therefore more versatile.