Beside the standard gullies with cast iron top cover, we also have special gullies in our program, which can be used for example to separate dirty water from clean water/rainwater. We have standardized these gullies, but we can customize them when necessary. 

Gully with sliding valve
This gully can be used on silo sites where feed and solid slurry is stored and on cleaning areas. The upper outlet of Ø125mm goes to a collection point for clean water and the bottommost outlet with a sliding valve Ø110mm goes to a collection point for dirty water. The valve can be opened when dirty water needs to be drained off. The gully is provided with a cast iron top cover with a hinge, so it can be opened when needed.

Press sap separation gully
This gully can be used in situations where the dirty water can be drained off at a pretty low speed and/or clean water can be drained off at a pretty high speed. Through the upper outlet the liquids are transported to the separation gully. The liquids don’t flow, but drip slowly into the small bend, through the upper outlet. Through the bend, the liquids are drained off through the bottom outlet in the direction of the dirty water collection point. When it rains, the water comes in the bottom part of the separation gully through the upper outlet. The bottom part if the gully is connected to the rainwater discharge systems, which drains off the water to a ditch or a collection basin.

Flow through gully
In agriculture, gullies usually are drained off to ditches and then syphoning is not necessary. Besides that, ditches are usually dredged once a year, so a special collection point for sand is unnecessary. That’s why we advise a flow through gully instead of a standard gully. The main line goes through the gully, which increases the drain capacity of the gully and the gully doesn’t need any maintenance. This gully can be delivered with a connection of Ø160mm or Ø200mm.