Infiltration systems

We can deliver several infiltration systems, including the Drainmax infiltration tunnel system. This system has a few important benefits, namely:
>        Optimal price/volume ratio
>       Low transport costs because the stackability of the tunnels
>        The tunnel can carry a heavy load (up to a truck of 30 tons)
>        Very little space loss because of the almost 100% hollow space
>        Fast to install because of the simple linking to each other of the separate tunnels
>        Long lifespan because of the indestructible and 100% recyclable polyethylene (HDPE)
>        Not heavy and therefore portable
>        Also to be used for the storage of water

Beside this tunnel system we can also deliver infiltration crates. These crates are available in 1x 300 liter, 2x 300 liter and 3x 300 liter.

For more information about infiltration systems and a calculation of the needed capacity, you can contact us.