Floor drains

For the drainage of dirty water, we can deliver standard drains with an outlet at the bottom or at the side. The disadvantage of these drains is that there is always water in the drain, which means there is also always dirt. As an alternative we have developed our own drain without syphon. Because of the absence of a syphon, no water can stay behind in the drain and thus no dirt. For example, this way a stable with chickens can completely be disinfected.

>        Discharge pipe in Ø110mm or Ø200mm
>       Shaft of Ø200mm, delivered at the needed length
>        Lockable, round lid of stainless steel 316
>        Lid is placed completely level with the floor

The drains can be connected to the dirty water pipe in two ways, namely parallel and in series.

When a syphon is desirable, there are two ways to do it, namely with a central syphon or by closing of the pipe at the end with a sliding valve.