Personal advice / custom made products

Jovas has specialized people working in the company who can offer personal advice. We’ll search for the best solution in your specific situation. This solution will meet up to the law and regulation and will be as optimal as possible for you and your animals.

When you have a renovation project (with for example slurry trays), our representative will pay you a visit to take a look at the current situation and talk to you about the possibilities. When you want to build a new stable, our representative can come by, but you can also visit our showroom or you can send us the drawings. Based on the drawings and/or conversation, we’ll make an offer for the system we think is the best option. After you give us permission to deliver the materials, we make a drawing of the trays and how they need to be installed or a drawing of the slurry discharge system.
With a renovation project, our representative will come by again to take the measurements, before we make a drawing of the trays and order them.

Before the start of the installation our head of installation will come by to deliver the materials that come from our warehouse. He can, if necessary, explain the drawing and explain/give you some hints about the installation. When preferred he can also show you/help you with the installation.

We deliver standard products, but also products that are custom made. Pipes are custom made during production or we saw them to the right length. With this we safe on materials and labor. We can deliver the pipes with two smooth ends or with one smooth end and one end with socket. Also fittings like sanded T-pieces, bends and insert sockets will be delivered custom made.