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We have a wide range of products, from PVC pipes and fittings to specials we make ourselves or which are made on our own molds by producers who are specialized in the material in question. The fittings and pipes are normally delivered with socket with rubber ring, but we can also deliver them with a connection that needs to be glued. We can deliver standard pipes and fittings in the diameters from Ø32mm up to Ø630mm, but also pipes and fittings for pressure systems (Ø12mm – Ø315mm) and rain water discharge systems.

For more information about our specials and different systems, please click on the descriptions below.
> Slurry discharge systems
> Wall valves & sliding valves
> Slurry trays
           - Slurry trays for farrowing sows and piglets
           - Slurry trays for fatteners and pregnant sows
> Systems with sloping walls
           - System with loose plates
           - System with polyester gutters
> Shoulder cooling & nose air inlet systems for sows
> Ground pipe ventilation
> Composite slats & elements
> Slurry separation
> Jovas-Slat-Covers
> Rainwater discharge systems
> Gully's & drains
            - Gully's
            - Drains
> Drainage
> Infiltration sytems